Slime Sale 13.01.2020 (tip)

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    A tip I like to share with fellow manga fans.

    Yesterday I noticed that the manga series "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime" seems to be currently on sale via amazon.

    Compared to the usual price which is shown on my wishlist, some volumes are even almost 50% less the price than usually.

    Compared to yesterday the prices on some volumes dropped even more...

    A good time to grab the manga, if you were already interested.

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    i watched the anime. So at least i can say , first volumes should be good.

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    @hopebestman It is said that the manga was the base for the anime. You might get a 1:1 basis for the anime adaption that way. (I never watched the anime - but I bought the manga just since I am a fan of the novel)

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    @serah i figured you didnt watched the anime. I guess you dont like animes that much even tho you are fan of LNs.

    I read the WN for sometime , i dont know the changes between LN/WN but in anime first 13 ep(most prob , 2-3 volumes) were good(at least for me). After that , shield hero become much popular than our Rimuru-sama.

    PS:As Over-Powers , Rimuru's power accually really decent. OP but fair.

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    This is part of a line-wide Kodansha/Vertical digital sale and is on several platforms including Comixology. It goes until the 20th:

    It seems to be mostly manga on sale, but Vertical does publish some light novels, though I didn’t see any big discounts on the ones I looked for.

    Kodansha digital manga often has good sales, so I usually wait until the sales to pick things up unless I know I’m going to read them right away. So even if you can’t get something now, there’s a good chance it will go on offer again later for around the same price. They even sometimes do first volumes at ridiculously low prices, so it’s worth keeping an eye open for those.

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    @lilitu93 thanks for the tip. I am going to browse through the stuff they offer right away.

    @hopebestman I understand how you get that impression. I personally see it like me growing old. Back then anime were different and had a different value to me. Nowadays anime which get offered through mainstream channels simply feel like "I have seen it before" or "oh, compared to X from a decade or two earlier that seems swallow..."

    We can gladly talk more about anime the kind of Iroduku, Patema Inverted or Garden of Words. But then again, those are often missed by most people. Can make new topics if enough people are interested to chat about gems, unseen by Crunchyroll & Co. Though, Crunchyroll and Netflix offer some gems as well.

  • When people say that the anime is based off the manga, it's just the art style. The story itself is based from the LN.

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    @Serah said in Slime Sale 13.01.2020 (tip):

    Idk did you buy the LNs or not but i started reading book 2 and it seems writing is not that good. I dont know is it because of translation(translator) or author himself but for the first time i said "anime made a better job for conversations, story telling, cutting scenes" etc.

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