We're having an AMA on Feb 18th!

  • At 11 AM (Japan Standard Time), on the /r/lightnovels subreddit, I (Sam Pinansky) and some of our translators/editors will be having an AMA (Ask Me Anything)! This is your opportunity to, well, ask us anything!

    Announcement on Reddit

    Also, we'll be announcing a new series during the AMA, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Hopefully it goes well.

    Also, any hints on the new series? :wink:

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    @Rozmdan There is already a hint... If you know where to find it.

  • Ohh, You've peeked my interest. =)
    Looking for the clue like 0.0

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    @ImIlyaz For those searching there doesn't seem to be anything in the emails from J-novel or from twitter as far as I can see. Nothing in the announcement of the AMA and I checked the comments of the reddit users and didn't find anything. I guess it's somewhere from one of the responses on this forum.

    Usually a hint would be in the newsletters. But I did find out that they currently have 4 upcoming new licenses from this:


    All I can do right now is..

    Arifureta intensifies

  • @Fezu right now I feel like Hotarou Oreki or some smartass anime character trying to put all the pieces together. But my enemy is very cautious, leaving no trails behind... ^.^

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    The clue is so obvious, and yet so hard to see.

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    @Fezu said in We're having an AMA on Feb 18th!:

    Usually a hint would be in the newsletters. But I did find out that they currently have 4 upcoming new licenses from this:


    4? Goodbye my physical books. I got some work to do just holding all these digital titles. xD

  • I keep thinking it's gonna be IS because you said, "keep and eye out", and then said, "If you know where to find it", and just now, "and yet so hard to see".

    I am making a super far stretch on my end...so let's just see what happens next week

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    @Rahul-Balaggan I think you have the right idea regarding what the hint is, but I'd honestly doubt that it refers to IS. Afaik, that series is in legal licensing limbo, because both Overlap and Media Factory claim rights on the first few volumes.

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    @Jaquobus It definitely won't be Infinite Stratos.

  • The afterword of The Last Paladin has mention that it's apparently the centerpiece in a multi-literature world so perhaps one of the other series set in the same universe will be licensed?

    But yea, considering the recent mention on twitter at how Arifureta is one of the most requested licenses and how it was mentioned that there are 4 unannounced licenses in the Read This Month Post on reddit in response to me bugging him about Arifureta. I'm gonna pray really hard it's Arifureta.

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    @Aruseus493 Somehow everyone gets this wrong, but according to Sam's post (https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/160/the-faraway-paladin-vol-1-part-8-discussion-final/20) Arcadia Garden does not share its universe with Paladin. And while Arifureta might very well be one of the 4 mentioned series, I don't see anything that would clearly hint at it being the one which gets announced in the AMA.

  • @Jaquobus The afterword is a little confusing then I guess.

    A while after being approached about the publication of my book, I received a phone call from the same person.
    “We’re doing a shared-universe type of project,” I was told.
    “Hm? Well, that sounds interesting,” I replied.
    “We’d like you to write for us, if you’re willing.”
    Maybe they have some unimportant spots they set aside for newbies? “All right, I’d love to take the opportunity. Can you give me an idea of the role my work would play in this shared universe?”
    “It would be the centerpiece.”
    “It would be the centerpiece.”
    ...You never do know what’s going to happen in life , I remember thinking.
    And so the shared-universe work Arcadia Garden was published day and date with The Faraway Paladin. It’s an epic project with ten authors collaborating to make a single world. Please do pick it up along with Paladin if you have the chance.

    When I read "shared universe," I imagine that it's something where there are multiple independent stories taking place all within the same world.

    I don't think there's any big hints pointing to Arifureta as much as that it has been mentioned as one of their "most requested titles" on twitter and the fact that he responded to my request for Arifureta on reddit by mentioning that there are 4 unannounced licenses.

    Otherwise, when it comes to obvious hints, I'm blind. :-P

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    Let me clarify that afterword then, since I agree it could be interpreted incorrectly...

    Arcadia Gardens is a mutli author collaboration project but I'm pretty sure that it's 100% original, i.e. each author is contributing original stuff to it, it doesn't share words with any other books.

    Paladin's author was offered to write the "main" world for it, but it's unrelated to the world of paladin. His shock was that he was offered this only just a short time after he was offered to get Paladin published.

  • Pretty sure the only recent title from Hobby Japan or Overlap with a direct relation to sight in the title is Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite. That said, these clues tend to not just be related to the Japanese title, and that one is just a turn of phrase rather than actually being anything to do with the content of the series so...

    Perhaps Boukoku Ou no Ken to Spy Hip? Spies... keeping an eye out... finding stuff... seem sort of connected to me.

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    I think I've got a good idea for one question. Now to try and remember it for the AMA. =]

    I'm no good with hints, but good luck to those that are.

    I hope one of the books is that one about the assassin taking down Mascot characters. The mother Isekai could be fun too. x)

  • Arifureta was licensed. Happy Days. I'm crying tears of joy. \o/

  • I made an account on Reddit just to ask 2 questions, and I was happy to receive answers to them.

    Then again Sam has always answered my questions, and everyone else's question on here...but it was still worth it!

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    @Rahul-Balaggan Thanks for participating!