Would you buy manga adaptions of light novels?

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    There's a few series out there where I enjoy the manga more than the LN, so I think it's really a case by case basis for me

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    Absolutely. I prefer light novels, my best friend prefers manga. We'd have a lot more stories to chat about if more of them came in both flavors.

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    @caramelwithoutthesalt Every so often, a manga outlives the LN it's based upon. Haganai passed the LN two volumes ago, according to the author's notes.

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    I might buy manga for LN series that I like, moreso if the art is good.

    A nice bonus is that a number of manga adaptations of LNs have bonus text stories at the end, so there's that.

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    Honestly, it highly depends on how well I consider the manga to be. 95% of the time I won't. But for some rare series, I love their manga adaptation. The Gate manga which I've requested to have the license rescue is super well paced, has fantastic art, and I think the mangaka would have made a better director for the anime.

    I enjoy the Sword Art Online Progressive manga (first seven volumes) cause the mangaka went on his own thing and wrote the story switching to having Asuna as the main character rather than Kirito.

    Honestly though, it's just super rare that the manga adaptation of something isn't produced by some amateur just trying to earn some experience in the industry.

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    Before I used to only read manga, but recently I read LNs more in terms of if they are a LN with a manga adaptation. But I buy manga versions of stuff like So I'm a Spider, So What, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, or Infinite Dendrogram to show support, and for the most part I also like the way they are handled. It's also nice when manga adaptations like those three I mentioned get short extra stories written by the original authors added in.

  • I tend to prefer buying whatever the most "complete" version of the series is, which is usually (but not always) the original format.

    So if it was a light novel first, then I'd usually go with that, though there are some exceptions where the manga outlived the novels or managed to be a better product than the novels.

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