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  • I maybe want to buy the manga adaption of Bakarina and Accomplishments of a Duke's Daughter licensed by Seven Seas. But before I do that, I want to ask other buyers of Seven Seas Manga, how the quality of their printed books is in overall.

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    Duke's Daughter is pretty typical Seven Seas quality, the main difference is the matte covers compared to most of their other series which have glossy covers, but the thickness is still comparable, as opposed to The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil a Rún, which has an incredibly thin matte cover comparatively. The paper quality is fine, the same as any other Seven Seas manga. It's not as good as JNC's or Vertical's books, feels a bit pulpy, but it's still thick and hefty compared to Western mass-market paperbacks.

    I am not very picky in general about this kind of stuff, but I would not consider Seven Seas books poor quality in the least.

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    Hun neat

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