Tenmei no Shirube

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    Tenmei no Shirube
    By Issui Ogawa (author of The Lord of the Sands of Time and The Next Continent)

    Publisher: Hayakawa Shobo
    Novel: 10 volumes (spread over 17 books) (Complete)

    In 2803 C.E., the colonial star Many Many Sheep was celebrating its 300th anniversary of settlement. However, the temporary governor, Ulaine III, was imposing a crackdown on the entire colony, including limiting power distribution, due to a failure in the power reactor of the colonial ship Shepard, which sleeps deep underground. Under such circumstances, Kadom, a doctor in the city of Senacei, receives an urgent request from Acryla of The Sea One. It is said that a mysterious plague is widespread in the city....

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    Why I Want It:
    Ok, first things first: technically this was licensed by Bento Books. However that was announced back in 2013 and they have released 0 volumes of it since then and in general have a pathetically small output as a publisher. I don't know if they even have the license for it still, so I'm hoping J-Novel Club could rescue it from them.

    With that out of the way, the main reason I want this series is because it's a space opera; a genre I love obviously. And if a sci-fi series is longer than LOGH, then it has to be a story with a pretty epic scope, which excites me. There's a lot of things going for it: 1) the author is a multi-time Seiun Award winner, 2) his works have been published in English before by Haikasoru, 3) this series did fairly well in Japan it seems like (one article said it was approaching 400,000 copies as of the last volume publishing), 4) J-Novel Club has a relationship with Hayakawa, which makes the license doable, 5) it's a complete (if long) series, and 6) we could use more sci-fi series over here.

    I realize this isn't a very likely pick-up/rescue especially if Crest and Banner of the Stars don't do well, but there's no harm showing interest for it. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and buy that series in order to cast a vote so to speak and hope others will do the same so that we can get more of the genre licensed.