Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsuishimashita/ i couldn't Become a Hero So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

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    Publisher: - Fujimi Shobo

    Volume: 10 Volumes (Complete)

    Author: Sakyou Jun

    Illustrator: Inuzumi Masaki

    Synopsis: The story revolves around a young man named Raul Chaser who dreamed of becoming a hero with his team of skilled heroes-in-training, but due to the collapse of the Demon Empire, the Hero Program was suspended. With Raul’s dream crushed, he was forced to find a new line of work and ended up employed at a small department store called Magic Shop Leon. Raul’s life since then has been busy but dull, when one day someone arrives at the store applying for a job. Raul finds out that the new hire is the Demon Lord’s child and also happens to be a cute girl.

    Reason: I watch this anime a while back and always thought it was amazing. He had a funny premise and i enjoyed every moment of the anime. I think it deserves a chance to shine so people can read what happens next. I get the feeling many others would also enjoy what this has to offer because it offers much in enjoyment.

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