I have a question about book purchases from other retailers.

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    I've bought every release of Undead Adventurer released thus far, but it's all been from the Google Play Store as reading on tablet is my preferred method. Later on though I noticed the bonus stories that were missing from the releases and that they're only available from the Premium versions. My question is, if I get Premium, will I still need to rebuy the books again just for the Premium?

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    Yes you will need to repurchase the books through J novel club to access premium versions, think of it like buying a novel from a store and then realizing another store has the same novel with a bonus story.

    However, I really recommend this to any readers, the versions you get direct from J novel Club are superior in every way and they are also cheaper.

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    What's the current price for the current released books up to 4 or 5?

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    @doomrider7 https://j-novel.club/faq

    What is a Premium E-book credit and how do I get them?

    Premium Members get 1 credit immediately when signing up for the membership (or upgrading from a normal membership), and then 1 credit every month on a set date. You can also buy extra credits a la cart for $6 for Premium Members or $7 for normal Members.

    These credits can be redeemed for a Premium E-book of any one of our titles.

    To redeem a credit, find the volume you wish to purchase in our catalog, and click the yellow redeem credit link below the link to retailers, where you will go to a confirmation screen.

    If you no longer have an active subscription, any unused credits are still linked to your account, but you'll need to re-subscribe or contact us if you want to redeem them.

    Once redeemed, you can see all your books in the "My library" section of your account page, and from there you can download your epub files when the book is published.

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    If you sign up for a premium membership today and want to buy all 5 volumes of Unwanted Undead that would cost you:

    $10.95 (for the first month) - with this you get 1 premium credit the day you sign up.

    4 premium credits (to buy volumes 2 - 5) at a rate of $6 each = $24.00

    So you would spend a total of $34.95

    If you signed up for a normal membership:

    $4.95 for the first month

    5 premium credits (to buy volumes 1 - 5) at a rate of $7 each = $35.00

    So you would spend a total of $39.95

    *All above prices are in USD

    Additional here is a list of what stories are in what volumes (please note that since Volume 5 has not been released we do not know what the premium bonus for that volume is yet)

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    @rahul-balaggan You’re also not taking into account the monthly premium credit.

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    Yes, however I said this was if they sign up today and buy all volumes, 15th has already passed, and Myskaros mentioned that above, but yes if they sign up and wait for the 15th of next month:

    $10.95 (for the first month) - with this you get 1 premium credit the day you sign up, and another on the 15th of March

    3 premium credits (to buy volumes 3 - 5) at a rate of $6 each = $18.00

    So they would spend a total of $28.95

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    great reason to be a premium member! (not to mention all the other benefits)

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