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    I was reading another translation of a light novel that was published on here and the other translation had more to it; i.e, characters and scenes that occured. Are some things edited out in the translation process?

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    It's hard to say anything without knowing more specifics about what you're referring to, such as what series, which scenes exactly, etc. However, our regular releases are translated from the regular print version of the book, and our premium releases may have bonus store-exclusive or digital-only short stories included in them.

    The "other translation" could also be from a web novel and not light novel, in which case the web novel could have been condensed/pared down when making the transition into a light novel.

    If you believe that a book was not fully translated, please feel free to send an e-mail to contact@j-novel.club describing the exact scene with chapter numbers and/or print page numbers.

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