High School DxD LN and thoughts

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    Hi there love the site, and the fact that you are releasing e-books and printed books... but the biggest kicker is the ability to preview the works before they go to print. I would like to take a moment and thank all involved for running such a cool site.

    As for new works "High School DxD light novels they are not available anywhere in English. I figure that if a professional outfit like this could put pressure on the licence holder either to get off their arse and translate it or..... Novel Club could convince the publisher that this work would be better served and making money with this wonderful site (hint this is my preference).

    Ps, note for editorial staff. The use of "exact same" in a sentence is superfluous... it is like saying ATM machine. That would be Automatic Teller Machine Machine. Just use one or the other, depending on the structure of the sentence.

    Many thanks for reading this.


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