Premium E-Book Bonus Contents List!

  • Nobody asked for this but here's a list of all the JNC titles I'm caught up with separated by whether or not I'm convinced to get the premium epubs by virtue of the bonus content included:

    Sure to Buy

    • Elf Bride
    • Arifureta Zero
    • Arifureta
    • Gear Drive
    • Realist Hero
    • Lazy Dungeon Master

    Unconvinced to Buy

    • AmaBri
    • Kokoro Connect
    • Mixed Bathing
    • Outbreak Company
    • Master of Ragnarok

  • Premium Member

    As a person who has bought the Kindle versions (due to convenience) but always having a preference for the paper format, I am greatly relieved that some of the series released by J Novel are being printed.
    I know that some of those which are printed by Seven Seas do not have the extra content. But has J Novel indicated at this time if they are putting the short stories for "In another world with my smartphone" in the printed edition? This would be my main incentive for getting the paper copy, I do not think I could justify, a Kindle, a premium and a paper copy.

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    wish the Gear Drive short stories had a bit more plot in them(particularly about the purple girl). but I guess we can wait til Vol 2 to see what happens.