Novel reader font choices

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    This is your chance to give feedback on what fonts you think should be available to choose from for part reading. The current choices are "Crimson Text", "Lora", and "Open Sans". If you have a favorite font, maybe a font that another application (such as Kindle) uses, or a font over at seems particularly suited for this, do tell.

    I will start to update this post with choices of other reading apps. If you have any to add, post them
    Play Books: Sans, Literata, Merriweather. Goudy, Vollkorn
    Kindle for PC: Amazon Ember (obviously not available), Baskerville, Bookerly, Caecilia, Georgia, Helvetica, Lucida, OpenDyslexic, Palantino
    Lithium (Android): Open Sans, PT Serif, Domine, Lato, Arbutus Slab
    Moon Reader (Android): Sans-serif, Serif, Monospace, Calluna, Sorts mill goudy, Vollkorn, Droid Sans, Roboto, Noto Sans/Serif
    B&N Nook Web Reader: Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet, Palantino, Times, Georgia, Lucida Mono, Courier

    Ideally around 5 "best" choices would be ideal. There will always be at least one serif and one sans-serif font. Make sure any choices are not paid/proprietary (e.g. "Amazon XXX")

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    I usually upload my epubs on Play Books, so I vote for using the same fonts it has. My second reader choice is Lithium usually.

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    I like Roboto, but it's very similar to Open Sans so you probably don't need both. I like Roboto better, though.

    I also think you should include a font designed for dyslexia. I don't know which ones are best, or how licensing them works, so I'm not going to recommend a particular one, but I think it would be worth adding.

  • It was already mentioned in the first post, but I really like Literata (the default from Play Books; Google also open sourced it, so there's no licensing to worry about.)

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    @FalseAim Would probably be this one: . It's on the list, it's "open" and it's pretty popular

  • @FalseAim yes, a dyslexia font would be great

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    I really like Vollkorn and Palantino (including free clones like Mathpazo). I'd add that having a good CJK font would also be nice for the novels set in Japan that have some kanji and kana interspersed.

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