Monster Musume Hunter~ Subete no Monmusume wa Boku no Yome!~ ( Monster Girl Hunter~All Monster Girls Are My Wives!~) - Written by author of Monster Girl Doctor(Anime Airing in July)

  • Synopsis : Harvest all mon girls! Harem love rice packed with monster girls!

    A magical country surrounded by territories where sub-humans live and whose existence is threatened every day. Recently, mysterious hunters have appeared in various places appearing like a wind, he vividly solves the incident involving sub-humans.
    What are you saying?
    I think it's true, but I can't help it.
    A horny hunter who tries to marry a crazy cute oak girl, a unicorn girl and a mysterious jellyfish girl, as well as a dragon girl who is too cool. It was his identity-the youngest prince in the magic country, the boy who liked the monster girl, Yuk.
    The king's life secretly given to the boy by the king is to take all the daughters of Monster girls for the sake of national security !? I see ... I can't help making a harem!
    Monster Girl Harem Fantasy!
    alt text
    Publisher : Dengeki Bunko (ASCII Media Works)
    Status : Ongoing (2 volumes)

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  • Cover for Vol.2 released Feb,7thalt text

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