how often does jnovel pick a new light novel?

  • A lot of people request for j-novel to pick up novels that they like but i was wondering how often do they pick up a new novel series?

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    Unfortunately there is no set limit or minimum amount that they license every year, and there is no set word on when they will announce new licenses.

    For what it is worth they did announce some titles last year around Sakura Con (they didn’t have a panel) so there may be some titles coming over the horizon, but with the world in the state that it is currently no one can really say one way or the other till they actually make announcements.

    I believe they announced 33 titles last year (not counting Combat Baker, I am counting Hitchhiker cause they announced it in 2019, but I could be wrong I looked it up very fast)

  • @Rahul-Balaggan but the ones we request how often do they actually listen to those requests?

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    Staff members of J-Novel Club are on the forums everyday, looking at pretty much everything.

    Licensing unfortunately is not so simple that even if J-Novel Club wants a title they will 100% get it, we already know that they have not been able to secure several titles because the Japanese publisher (for whatever reason) didn’t want to give it to J-Novel Club.

    As for a more concrete list please refer to this thread:

    The beginning of the thread starts with a list of which titles Hague been licensed by which company, that also have topics in that sub-forum.

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