Guild no Shinjin Kyouikugakari (Jishou)

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    Guild no Shinjin Kyouikugakari (Jishou)
    Trainer for Newcomer at Adventurer's Guild (Self-styled)

    Publisher: Overlap
    Author: Hama Yawa
    Illustrator: Muni


    In many fantasy series, the main character will meet trouble when registering as an Adventurer at a Guild. This trouble often comes in the form of another Adventurer picking a fight. This is the story of that Self-Proclaimed Newcomer Trainer.


    It's a one-shot volume about that trope-asshole that typically picks a fight with the protagonist at a Guild in most fantasy series. So I think it'd be interesting to read it. J-Novel Club doesn't have many one-shot series that were intended as one-shots. So this would help bump up that number a bit.

    Volume 1 Cover