Any Chance "New Life +" Will be back in 2020

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    I was just wondering if there is any chance that "New Life +" will make a return in 2020. I really enjoyed the series and surely 2 years has been long enough that we can hopefully bring this series back and re-start translating.

    While I have been enjoying the manga version, it releases at a sufferingly slow pace so I was really hoping that there was a glimmer of hope that we could start seeing this title resume it's translation.

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    I wonder? Are there new volume releases in Japan? is the Manga translation licensed? if so that would be a good sign. Anything else from this author been licensed in translation in the last few months? also would be a good sign. If not maybe he's "blacklisted'--not officially just that no one wants to take a chance on offending whoever, which would mean that NewLife+ is essentially dead. If that is the case; the author, if getting any work at all, might be writing under a new pen-name...maybe a newlife+esque plot line is being recycled? who knows (if anyone does know, let us know (I'd like to know what happens if I can decipher the other work)...Regardless, I doubt that JNC will be the ones to go out on a limb if the original publisher isn't

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    I was checking new releases and was curious about this just the other day, actually.

    So New Life+ itself hasn't had a new volume since 18 back in 2018. The manga is not licensed in English, but its serialization is by Kadokawa, so that's why it was able to keep going despite the problems with the anime (since the LN itself and probably the anime production were all being handled by Hobby Japan). However, the author's other series, the Broke Mercenary one, did just get a new volume a couple months ago, so the author isn't completely "blacklisted" as it were.

    As for whether JNC can start it back up, I unfortunately don't have an answer to that. I can bring it up with Sam, but the last couple times I asked out of curiosity it didn't seem like anything had changed.

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    As far as I know, there were not any new releases of the LN in Japan. But the Manga is still going on so I was just hoping that there was a chance that JNC would continue the translation.

    On another note, as far as I know the publisher in Japan didn't cancle the series but put it on hold until the matter was resolved or the opportunity to continue it presented itself. From what I know, the series was a rather popular one so I was just hoping that there was a chance that we could start seeing the translating start up again.

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    Face it, the series is DEAD! The Japanese publisher (HobbyJapan, I believe) killed it and withdrew all print/digital releases from sale/circulation; there is nothing JNC can do to change this. It is also unlikely that any Japanese LN publisher will take it over.

    I have noticed in the past that Japanese companies are not as lenient as people/companies/organisations in the U.S. and other western nations are. I have read several news articles over the years where some singer, actor, or sports figure gets arrested or charged with some crime (usually drug use/posession) and at that point their career is over. ( I remember a story from 2018 or 2019 where the actor who dubbed one of the characters in the Japanese release of 'Frozen' was arrested on drug charges and Disney yanked the DVD so that the character could be re-dubbed by someone else.)

    Given all that, I would just forget that "[New Life +]" ever existed in the first place.

  • @edowaado Then again there's cases like Rurouni Kenshin's author who got back in business after his release

  • @edowaado I think the ebooks are still available (on BookWalker at least).

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    @paulnamida said in Any Chance "New Life +" Will be back in 2020:

    @edowaado Then again there's cases like Rurouni Kenshin's author who got back in business after his release

    Or Mamare Touno that even gets another anime season of Log Horizon sponsored after he evaded taxes and was found guilty.

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    @Qeeh I don't know what's worse breaking laws or talkingshit about our Lord and savior China.

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    All the parties involved seem to have moved on from the LN. The web novel hasn't been updated since May 2018. Even the manga hasn't gotten a new volume since July of 2019, we'll see if that continues (maybe someone that knows more about the monthly publications will know if it's still running).

  • @Terrence Monthly manga usually only get two (or even one) volumes per year. As for New Life+, volume 8 of the manga is slated for April 23.

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