Asuka of the Scarlet Sky

  • Names: Asuka of the Scarlet Sky

    Genre: Action, Adult, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance & Seinen

    LN volumes: 3 LN Volumes (Ongoing)

    Author(s): Amana, Amana Kouta

    Artist(s): 218kalavinka

    Original Publisher: Frontier Works, Syosetu

    Associated Names:
    Akaten no Asuka ~ Onna Yuusha wa In Kanni Otsu~
    Asuka of the Scarlet Sky ~ The Female Hero who Degraded to a Licentious and Wicked Person~
    緋天のアスカ ~ 女勇者は淫姦に堕つ ~

    Description: Kashiwagi Yuuto, who was bored with his life, died in an unexpected accident. He was given the ability to create holy treasure tools from God after his death. Yuuto was thrown out to another world and met Asuka, the girl who wants to be a hero.

    A scarlet swordswoman and a Captain of the Royal family imperial guard. A female hero who every citizen yearned for, was engulfed in the secret pleasures of a woman.

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    I'd like to know more , is the story compelling? interesting characters? anything really different than what we've seen up to now?

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    You seem to have a mix of web novel and light novel details there, and I think there are both R18 and R15 versions of the WN. The LN isn’t being sold as an R18 title so I assume it is based on the latter.

    The LN title is different to the WN title:

    緋天のアスカ ~異世界の少女に最強宝具与えた結果~
    Hiten no Asuka: Isekai no Shoujo ni Saikyou Hougu Ataeta Kekka

    The author is Kouta Amana, but they went by just Amana on Syosetu.
    The artist is 218 (pronounced “Niiya”; Kalavinka is their doujin circle name)
    The publisher is Frontier Works, under the Nox Novels label.

    Volume 1 Cover

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