General chat on Death March in the Parallel World of Rhapsody

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    One novel series which got my interest into light novels and Web novels is the above. Though I would love to chat about the Light Novel, I would also love to chat about the Web novel.

    For those who have read both, what are your thoughts on the changes? Personally I have a love for the changes except for one, which was the meeting of Sera and the MC. Though the light novels is great, there was some charm in the Web novels version as well. Especially when combined with the side stories attached to that arc.

    Finally, as an opening, your thoughts on the final arc?

  • Haven’t touched the WN but loving the LNs. I started reading them around November of last year and just binge read through all of them. I love fantasy plots and this one has so much of it. Eagerly waiting for the next one to be released by YP.
    I specially love the slice of life moments the story gets. Also love how the author gives us that little dialogue at the beginning of new chapters of which ever character’s POV we are reading.

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    I actually prefer WN version, because it have less of that grade school trip atmosphere. Unfortunately, though, later chapters were based on LN material, so it was quite confusing at times.
    As for series finale... well, it was the only way it could have ended.

  • This is one of my favourite series. However I stopped reading the WN years ago, once I caught up. I found having to read a chapter week to week tiring and annoying. I have done that with every WN I caught up to with.
    But in saying that, I'm fine just reading the LN now, especially since there is quite a bit of added content now.

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    Absolutely, the Web novel had a lot of charm in the initial arcs which are being covered at the moment. Giving perspectives from another side, building up "fluffier" backgrounds on background characters which sadly there would not be significant time to do in the light novel.

    The Sera arc is one of those, though I absolutely enjoyed the light novel version, the sweetness of the Web novel version just resonates better as a love at first sight, and destiny.

    The English light novel translation is about to reach the true Labyrinth exploration arc, and obviously the return of my favourite waifu nominee.

    Though the Web novel ended, I felt it a little rushed and confusing. I am hoping like all Web novels, the editors provide feedback and guidance which helps to make the series much easier to understand. It is a good slice of life series and provides a nice counter to my other titles. Though I am hoping for some more side stories.

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    I've read the WN up to ch 17 which got a little difficult (weird) to read. I've been reading the LN and am currently in the middle of vol 9. I prefer how the MC meets with Zena in the WN, but the LN version is ok. As for Sera, either one works for me since the main parts of the arc are pretty similar. Can't wait until they get to labyrinth city. I can appreciate the differences between the WN and LN. The are similar, but different enough that I don't get too bored reading both.

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