The Weathering Continent: Karuna

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    Title (JAP): 巡検使カルナー サスカティウ編I : 星神の歌人
    Author: Sei Takekawa
    Amazon: Here

    The header is not the actual name of the book but it is a spin off of the classic light novel 'The Weathering Continent'. Production I.G made the original series into a (dull) movie so it must have been popular at the time. Please excuse me for my google translate story description.

    10,000 BC. Atlantis, the super-ancient continent, was heading into turmoil with the collapse of the previously prosperous Republican Union. The time is called the 'Silver Age'. At that time, there lived a beautiful young man named Karuna. His mission, the messenger, was as severe as "death." Karuna's fierce journey, with this burdening task, now begins. A fantasy world colored with magic and spirits.

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    I'd love me some old stuff. Including this and the parent series.
    Unfortunately, there's not much hope, as older series tend to underperform when it comes to sales.

  • Thanks Wellwisher! With such cool artwork, I thought it could be passable and might become a niche seller :) some people might like a bit harder fantasies. The original work is very long but this is only a few volumes. I leave you with the best thing to come out of the anime imo ... this cool tune!

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