There are too many stories about "girl who loves books too much".

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    Is it me or in JNC there are too many in similar stories about "book lover girl"?

    Ascendance of a Bookworm's Myne.

    Bibliophile Princess' Eli

    Stories about Marielle Clarac' Marielle

    I mean im not complaning or anything but because of the shut in sitution i start reading more LNs in JNC's library so i start seeing more and more books about those. Maybe my reading order has something to with it but anyway i was wondering if is there anyone has the same feeling as me?

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    I think you need to look at this the other way. Why are there so many series with leads who DON'T love books and what is wrong with those weirdos?

  • I wouldn't call 3 out of 80+ series "too many".

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    @doceirias hey now, until 1.5 years ago i was one of those weirdos who "DONT love books". So please, we shouldnt call them weirdos :D

    @DoubleMangekyo well like i said its maybe because of my reading order so i am waiting more series with "girls who loves books". I have 7 more series i will read. So i can update my list and be more than 3 :D

    Edit: Also before starting Marielle i didnt know the story goes with "book loving girl" and because of my lack of english words, i didnt know the meaning of "Bibliophile" so honestly learning the meaning when i was reading was a surprize.

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    I believe that a 'bookish' girl is one of the primary archetypes of characters in LN/Anime. Usually the bookish/ intellectual girl is NOT the protagonist, she is a side character or a foil for the heroine (there are not many anime where the bookish girl wins the boy for example)

    For example; in Bakarina, the heroine doesn't fit the archetype, but Sophia does (and she really doesn't get, so far at least, the type of character development we've seen with some of the other 'Katrina seekers')

    Myne (in her previous life) did fit that archetype, and her maturing/differences in her present life is part of why I find her so charming.

    Marielle is more defined by her being a fangirl and a fetishist than being a bibliophile. In fact we know much more about the books she writes than about what she reads. On top of that she's very much an 'action girl' vs. the stereotypical library shut in...but, she most looks the part. (Plain, glasses, unassuming)

    I haven't yet read Bibliophile Princess, so no comment.

    Bottom line: Why are there so many 'Book Lover Girls'? Because, it's a trope. A shortcut of a 'type of girl' that many in the target audience know or can relate to (or are themselves).

    Why are so many protagonists boys who value a peaceful, normal, life that are thrown into extraordinary circumstances? or otakus who get teleported to alternate worlds where game mechanics are real?

    EDIT to add" really 3 is too many? You are entitled to your preferences and opinion, but it doesn't feel like too many to me, how may isekai stories does JNC have?

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    Tearmoon also fits the book loving girl persona

    It isn’t a main draw or anything but she does love reading...

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    @hopebestman said in There are too many stories about "girl who loves books too much".:

    Marielle Clarac

    She's an author though, with a very different feel from the reading junkie of Ascendance. I've read thousands of books over the decades and own 100+ of JNC's LNs but I think Ascendance's MC takes her book lovin' to extremes. In what I read of volume 1 Mayne cares way too much for the act of reading, while I enjoy the contents of what I read. Her mania (or fetishizing?) makes it hard for me to empathize, but that's just me.

    We are up to 3 (or is it more?) JNC series about women in an isekai where it matches an otome game where "all routes lead to doom!" (Plus Tearmoon where the reincarnation was same-world and not from a game.)

    That's fine though: Bakarina is not my cup of tea but I'm enjoying I Refuse To Be Your Enemy so far. Variety, life, spice of.

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    Hey, at least we have Altina, which features a guy who loves books too much. :P

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    I guess saying "too" many was not right :D however, i start reading LN quite late and also i start reading from JNC really really late. So when i saw 2 book lovers at the same day(i was following AoaB much before but other 2 i read the same day) so yeah for me that was TOO much :D

    @Jon-Mitchell thanks for the info. I am new at this so hearing these stuff with good explanation is appreciated.

    @Rahul-Balaggan its not in my list :D i will add it to read so i can edit my comment later with FOUR book lovers :D

    @stardf29 and with Altina it will be 4.5 book lover girls/boy : D

  • I'm pretty sure 'protag who loves books' as a cliche gets drowned out if we were to compare it to the catalog of titles featuring an op Isekai protag. 😁

  • For some reason people who like to read books, like to read books about people who like to read books.

    Who'd have guessed? :D

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    @Seiya That would be like trying to sort them based on whether or not the story has at least one dragon.

  • @piisfun said in There are too many stories about "girl who loves books too much".:

    @Seiya That would be like trying to sort them based on whether or not the story has at least one dragon.

    Not sure if that's an appropriate comparison though...
    Op was suggestion too many protag love books.
    I suggest there are too many protag who are op.
    Counting if a story in a dragon doesn't really fit into the scope of the comparison.

    Though by this point I'm digressing and we're arguing semantics. πŸ˜…

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    @Seiya well that discussion looks like much more interesting :)

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