when start of tl of the volume of the : The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan ?

  • when start of tl of the volume of the : The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan ?

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    After a volume releases its last part there is typically a 1-2 week break before the following volume releases its first part. The 1-2 week break is not a hard rule, it is just an observation based on the history of JNC prepub releases.

    As of right now there is no official release date for when the next volume of Magicmaster will start being translated on the site.

    Additionally for anyone wondering why it is not in the schedule yet, the schedule is updated after the first part of a new volume is released, usually it won’t show part 1 of a new volume until the day of release. So when they are ready with part 1 and the English cover has been set they just plop part 1 into the schedule the same day of release.

    So the best thing to do is be patient, part 1 of the following volume will start when it is ready and no sooner.

    Everyone's patience is appreciated during this time.

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    It normally would have started last week on Tuesday, so it seems like it's taking a bit longer than normal.

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    myskaros STAFF 5 days ago
    @Goku-Nazz In most cases, there's 2-3 weeks between the final part and the first part of the next volume, but Warnis has a lot of material to translate for the Rokujouma Kickstarter, so there's going to be a bigger break than usual.

    link to the post https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/2965/the-greatest-magicmaster-vol-5-discussion/29

    We might be waiting a while for the next volume

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    Warnis mentioned on discord that it should restart on May, 19.

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