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    I'm kinda curious about membership.
    I understand that you get to read the new books as prepub, but what about the old books ?
    Do I get to read them or do I still have to buy them, or does it depend on the series ?

    In the FAQ it's not very clear (but I guess I still need to buy the old books, I'd just like confirmation).


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    @ManusDei Depends on the series. Some series have multiple volumes, even the old ones available for members to read. Usually the older translations need to be purchased to read, but sometimes they leave previews or prepub for members to read. Don't expect to this be the norm. They sometimes just forget or there's a few months delay before its removed

  • @ManusDei said in Question about membership:

    but I guess I still need to buy the old books, I'd just like confirmation.

    That's mostly * correct. Old volumes expire at some date that's incorrectly listed on a part page and also listed in a forum thread available only to members (???). If you don't see the old parts listed without account you won't see them with a membership either.

    * There's a poorly documented catch-up feature that makes a couple of titles fully available again for a month. You have a whole ~24 hours to read through this month's. Also, Rokujouma and the first volume of Isekai Magick are exceptions that are available forever.

    There's also a trial coupon availiable until the end of month.

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    The prepub version of books which is also the version in the catch ups is perfectly readable but the final ebook version often has grammar fixes and sometimes additional illustrations. Furthermore, the premium ebook has the highest quality for illustrations and sometimes additional illustrations for bonus short stories as per

    What I therefore do is get the premium membership to get one free premium ebook a month, read most series which I follow as they are coming out (which allows me to follow and take part in the discussion threads for those series where people discuss the latest parts), occasionally buy additional discounted premium credits when I need them and spend those credits to get the bonus content for series I like or catch up on any series I am behind on.

    The only real gripe I have with being a member is that JNC have still not fixed their buggy apps to read the prepubs so they are very user unfriendly. However, you can test that out for yourself if you use the trial to see if it is a deal-breaker for you or not.

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    Thanks for all the info :)
    I'll try the coupon and see in a month.

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