Onyx tablet users here?

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    Hello, I discovered J-novel club last month and it was a bit like being at Christmas in advance.
    In France the light novel is not as extensive as here and the licenses are much, but then much less numerous.
    Not yet sufficiently proficient in English to be able to really enjoy reading a complete book in this language, I translate the premium epub into French and convert it to put it on my kindle.
    But for catching up and prepub, I read on my android tablet (10 ") via chrome (instant translation) but, reading many hours like that quickly tires the eyes.

    Hence the idea of buying an onyx nova 2 reader on android (probably 7.8 ") in order to combine the comfort of an e-ink screen with the simultaneous translation of the google chrome / translate combo. I know that it works on my huawei tablet but, i was wondering if it works on an onyx?

    In advance thank you for your response and suggestion.

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