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    So far, I Can’t sAy I’m alL that impressed with them. There are some reaL issuEs with the KinDle versIon, aT least. The images all have a white border along the top and bottom, and the font randomly changes color. Granted, these aren’t too noticeable unless you’re using the dark background with light color text, but it’s really obvious when you do. The page with the three heroines’ pictures has less than a third of the image taken up by actual art; the huge margin at the top and bottom makes it look like it’s missing two more rows of images. The actual localization feels really smooth, though, so credit where it’s due.

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    @EmpactWB The regular .epub version has the same problem. And if you look at the source in calibre, it has a whole bunch of pointless <span>s in seemingly random places with various, weird formatting changes. If I had to guess, I would say that it was probably put together in a WYSIWYG editor like Word, and the translator and/or editor managed to leave a bunch of more or less invisible edits in the text which got translated to html in weird ways when generating the actual e-book files. They really should look at the document in a mode that shows the formatting as markup as part of their process before turning it into an epub or kindle file. At minimum though, it shows that their Q&A process didn't involve checking what the volume looked like in dark mode, since that shows the problem really fast. Overall, it's not a great sign, but it's their first book, and hopefully, they'll do better with future volumes.

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    @EmpactWB said in Tentai Books Discussion Thread:


    Called what?

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    @myskaros The bug repellent thing. I was just feeling silly when I was typing. Chalk it up to not enough sleep.

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    I've started a separate thread to discuss the book

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    Okay, so I emailed them about the issues. It’s possible that I’m easily impressed with customer service, but I do rather like the reply I got:

    Good evening Eric,

    Thank you for reaching us. We’ve received feedback from other readers as well about the format of the epub. Don’t worry, this is the first and last time something like this Will ever happen. We’re currently working on an update, and will try to fix the formatting issues as quickly as we can.

    We appreciate that you liked the translation of the book. Thank you for trusting us by purchasing it!

    Alejandro de Vicente Suárez
    President of Tentai Books / Azure Books SL

    That solid declaration (even if a tad ill-advised, because accidents do happen) really sells the dedication behind them. I’m half tempted to buy the Spanish version too. Wouldn’t hurt to practice once in a while.

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    Yeah, their Discord mentioned it too publicly.

    Book seems to be performing decently on Amazon, seller rank was just outside top 20K in Kindle. Some JNC stuff released close to it in the top 4K, but even Boonies volume 2 is 12k rank.

    (Adachi to Shimamura 2 which came out the day before is sadly 100K+ rank... Gonna need that anime bump).

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    Did they hide some info on volume 2 of their books? Cos I just can't find any.

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    @nichtmalda I recall reading something in their discord about them having trouble updating their website to add volume 2 for Side Character, but I don't know what the situation is.

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    Tentai Books has announced some stuff. I'm summarizing because there are two posts, one in english and one in spanish, and I don't think either has all the information.

    • All future digital releases will be 9€, both the English and Spanish versions
    • Spanish versions will now be localized to es_ES instead of a neutral Spanish
    • Spanish physicals announced, same price as English ones (14€)
    • Will try to reduce shipping from their own store to free for Europe, and for the Spanish. Ersions maybe free worldwide
    • There will be some sort of change to cover formatting going forward, they'll reprint dust covers for existing volumes
    • Spanish and English versions might no longer release on the same day
    • Working on four more licenses. First one might me announced by the end of september if lucky, other three maybe by end of year.
    • Side Character 2 delayed from mid-September to October (materials were late)
    • Diner 2 still waiting to finalize contract stuff with publisher

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    @Nosgoroth said in Tentai Books Discussion Thread:

    • All future digital releases will be 9€, both the English and Spanish versions
    • Spanish physicals announced, same price as English ones (14€)

    Glad they're going this route. Doesn't affect me personally since I want the English prints anyway, but the idea of the English ebook being priced higher implies that English readers are subsidizing Spanish readers' low prices, so getting rid of that discrepancy earns a thumbs-up from me. Looking forward to what they'll announce!

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    alt text

    Tentai recently announced the acquisition of World Teacher.


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