Duchess of the attic

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    Before I start a recommendation thread, since there does not appear to be one already. I came across a manga and a few. Chapters of the light/web novel of Duchess in the attic, or Yane Urabeya no Koushaku.

    The series as a novel appears to have potential from the few chapters and manga chapters that I have read, but I do not have a full impression yet. Is this a series anyone else has read?

  • @custodes I have read the raw until the second part. It takes patience to read it, since the first part is really frustrating to read. Just know that the childish duke (? i forgot his title) is not the ML.

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    With that I am gladful and that it does not follow the trope of a redeemable idiot. Though, I am fully aware of how the novel ends, I was seeing if others read and enjoyed it?
    It's not a series which I've been desperate to actively seek out the raws and the translated chapters of the Web novel version are rather rough. But the manga version is to me enjoyable

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