Where to buy used english light novels?

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    Recently I’ve bought the first four volumes of an english licensed light novel. Now the question is, where can I get used copies, if I can't get them new anymore? I live in Germany and getting new copies isn't that difficult, but nevertheless paperback/hardback light novels are still quite expensive, if you are reading a lot of them. I don't think I can always keep up with every new release and it is most likely, that some volumes will be out of print before I can buy them. Does anyone know where to get them in such a case? Unfortunately ebay doesn't seem to be a good solution for this so far...

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    It’s just such a niche market most people that buy them I assume keep them, have a look on book depository I think they have a redirect to a second hand seller if they don’t have the volume in stock anymore. Don’t quote me but I think it’s called Abebooks, but beyond that eBay and Amazon are pretty much it.

  • You could try searching for books by their ISBN using https://www.justbooks.co.uk/
    This search tool doesn't cover all sellers (no Wordery or Amazon JP) but it's still helpful in finding good bargains.

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    @DoubleMangekyo I didn't know that website. I have using isbns.net to check for used books. Depending on the books it can be sometimes cheaper to buy them new then used lol. I have gotten goblin slayer books cheap from whsmith.

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