Cursed Sword Master

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    Romanji: Makenshi no Maken Niyoru Maken no Tame no Harem Life
    Japanese: 魔剣師の魔剣による魔剣のためのハーレムライフ 마검사의 마검에 의한 마검을 위한 하렘 라이프
    English: The Cursed Sword Master’s Harem Life: By the Sword, For the Sword, Cursed Sword Master


    Fujinomiya Soujirou is transported to a fantasy world with only his Daisho (pair of samurai swords) in hand. The katana can talk and swiftly informs him that it is Hotarumaru, the legendary national treasure of Japan thought lost during World War II. The wakizashi is too young to have a voice, so Souji names it Sakura. This is the story of Souji and Hotarumaru's journey through a new world as he seeks to achieve ... a sword harem?

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    Based on 8 chapters of manga. Protagonist is killed in his own home by a burglar, god isekai's protagonist to another world with whatever he was holding in his hands at that time. In this case, a katana lady and wakizashi. Turns out swords get benefits from getting isekaid, the katana is now able to talk with protagonist, but it gets better.
    Cue the typical bandit ambush, where protagonist slaughter the bandits without batting an eye. Surprised to see a Japanese novel where a Japanese person has no qualms killing people? Well, it gets better.
    Sistina, an Acolyte from the temple is sole survivor of the bandit attack. We get introduction to Acolytes and how the world seems to run on contracts between individuals and items.

    On the first night of isekai, katana lady uses materialisation skill and obtains a human body in form of a beautiful, well endowed woman. A beautiful, well endowed, horny woman, who promptly devours her master. Lucky git, go explode!

    Acolyte girl, being awake during their nightly escapades... gets corrupted and signs a contract with protagonist first thing in the morning. Dedicating her sword and body to her new master (shees girl, desperate much?) . Together, the trio decides to conquer the "tower" and get rich. The "tower" is a structure filled with monsters, aka a dungeon of sorts, I suppose.


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