The Weakest Manga Villainess Wants Her Freedom!

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    Just in the middle of reading this on kindle, but the main couple is so adorable and it has quite an original trope.

    The story is about the heroine, reincarnating into a sort of shoujo (thinking of sailormoon) manga villainesse. Upon reincarnatting she doesnt lose the emotions of her host, she totally loves the demon Lord and feels betrayed when she makes a certain discovery. She escapes and her fiance follows her to their new life.

    Check it out if you enjoy the villainess trope.

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    I have it on my wishlist on Bookwalker, I plan on picking it up Monday. From the short preview available on the site it seems right up my alley, and it also makes it seem like the "heroes" might not be as heroic as they were written in the manga...

  • I think it's just a single volume light novel?

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    @Seiya It’s only a web novel in Japan, no light novel and the illustrations in the ebook are exclusive to the English version. The web novel on syosetu seems completed, but I’m not sure how many chapters were covered in the English book.

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