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    I'm finishing up the If Its for my daughter... series pretty soon and am looking for my next series to start. Ideally, it would be something like Rising of the Shield Hero, but more like the earlier part of the series (before it became a shameless harem isekai). I'm thinking of starting Lazy Dungeonmaster, but it looks pretty heavy on the fan service, so I'm not that sure. I don't mind fan service if it is done well, but once it becomes constant in the writing/derails the pace of the book I usually don't like it.

    Quick overview of my tastes based on what I've read already:

    Rising of the Shield Hero - Mostly loved the series, but didn't like the harem/fan service aspects near the end

    Ascendance of a Bookworm - Love the series, probably don't want to read something quite that slow this time (since I'm still reading the simulpubs)

    Goblin Slayer - Absolute trash. Not only is the writing itself terrible, it didn't even make 3 books before it became nothing but fan-service and side-stories (stopped after book 4)

    If it's for my daughter... - I like it as long as I can keep my mind from thinking about the creepier aspects.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    I just went ahead and moved your post into the General Recommendation topic

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