If It's for my Daughter... series typos (Book 2 to 8)

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    Here are a bunch of little typos I found while reading the series. There is no book 1 because I read that on Kobo before discovering the J-novel website and started reading on Kindle instead. So, no just taking a note of the mistake. There is also no book 9 because I haven't read it yet. I'll probably slowly read it over the next couple of weeks since it doesn't seem like the type of thing I would want to read all at once. I figured I'd do this while still motivated. Please make sure this gets to the right people. Thank you.

    Book 2

    Loc 875 both customers enjoying the food as well as uniform-clad employees, clad bustling about.

    Delete the second clad.

    Loc 942 - She said could make time to see us tomorrow night before work starts.

    Should read 'She said she could...' (paraphrase) or 'She said, 'she could make time to see us tomorrow night before work starts.' (exact quote, but that doesn't work in context)

    Loc 1139 - It also helped that it was spring, so felt cool and comfortable and there was brilliant scenery wherever you looked.

    The phrase 'so (it) felt cool and comfortable' needs a noun or it is ungrammatical. It could be rewritten like 'Being spring, it helped the weather was cool and comfortable, and there was brilliant scenery wherever you looked.'

    Loc 2319 - "Mr. Yorck is still just the apprentice of the clan head's apprentice, so he hasn't been told.'

    Should be either "Mr. Yorck is still just the clan head's apprentice, so he hasn't been told." or " Mr Yorck is still just the apprentice of the clan head, so he hasn't been told.'

    Loc 2863 - His grandfather was also apparently quite skilled at paperwork had and supplemented his lively grandmother's weak points.

    Delete the 'had' after paperwork.

    Book 3

    Loc 707 - Lately, Dale been giving her far more attention...

    Should read 'Lately, Dale had been giving her far more attention...'

    Loc 1077 - Latina peeked inside the pot and grasped how far it the cooking had progressed.

    Should read '... how far the cooking...' (delete 'it').

    Loc 1276 - Chloe felt that her friend was absurdly beautiful, and if she'd just dress up, it'd make both her and the clothes to truly shine.

    Should read '... and the clothes truly shine.' (delete 'to)

    Book 4

    Loc 793 - "I don't know happened to you back in your home village, Latina.

    Should read 'I don't know what happened...'

    Loc 1252 - The passenger carriages that ran between towns were set up so that one could just stop in towns along the way and not have not to camp outdoors.

    Should read '...not have to camp outdoors.' (Delete the second not)

    Book 5

    Loc 1761 - In the past, Vassilios had lost its leader, the First Demon Lord, thanks to the murderous deeds of this Second Demon Lord in the shape of young girl.

    Should read '... in the shape of a young girl.'

    Loc 2848 - Dale had going missing, but even in Kreuz they knew that he was fighting the world over, fulfilling his duty as a hero.

    Should read 'Dale had gone missing...'

    Book 6

    Loc 116 - On the other hand, Dale wasn't a Laband noble, and didn't want to put Latina's sister, Chrysos, as a disadvantage.

    'as a disadvantage' should probably be 'at a disadvantage.'

    Loc 291 - (as if he never wanted lose her again, and if he did, he would lose himself in turn)

    Should read 'to lose her again,'

    Loc 959 - They had brought out several casks for people to drink from as they pleased, but that apparently that alone wasn't enough to satisfy such heavy drinkers.

    Delete the first 'that' in 'that apparently that.'

    Loc 1040 - Latina had been doing nothing but sleep away in the villa, but lately she had recovered quite a bit, and was now taking strolls about the temple.

    Should probably read either 'nothing but sleep' or 'nothing but sleeping away.' Mixing the two sounds very awkward

    Loc 1041 - However, just from looking at Latina, it was obvious at a even just a glance that she had some sort of relation to the current king, Chrysos.

    Should delete the first 'a' in 'at a even just a glance,' so it reads 'at even just a glance.'

    Loc 1239 - There wasn't even a single speck of dirt on the path because it was periodically washed clean with Water magic.

    'Water' should be lower case. The types of magic aren't capitalized in other places in the series.

    Loc 1950 - However, the matter at hand was also a complex for Mov.

    Should probably read 'a complex one.' I know that complex can be used in Japanese media to mean like a personal mental problem, but it just looks like a typo, and probably really is.

    Loc 2251 - They were full of curiosity by nature and the town as overflowing with thing they'd never seen...

    Should read 'overflowing with things they'd never seen.'

    Loc 2618 - Her meeting with him met that she was progressing down the path towards the ideal future that she wished.

    Should read 'Her meeting with him meant..'

    Book 7

    Loc 702 - As such, an organization specifically tasked with keeping peace in the town was a needed.

    Delete 'a,' so it doesn't say 'was a needed'

    Book 8

    Loc 189 - And so, she didn't think she had those sorts of ups and downs to him.

    Second she should say he.

    Loc 2234 - "I'm glad to see you're doing will, Joseph...

    Should read 'well' and not will, though I'm not judging...

    Loc 2321 For travelers, those towers both served as landmarks for travelers...

    Suggestion: One of the For Travelers should probably be deleted. It's not technically a mistake but is redundant.

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    Thank you for taking the time to locate these and note them, however for already published e-books it is better send send any corrections to support@j-novel.club

    Thank You

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    @Rahul-Balaggan I sent it there in an email, thanks.

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    Also be aware all of these volume have been printed, and ebooks go through an additional QA process for printing that doesn’t always make its way back to the ebooks.

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