Warm Up with June Catchups!

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    The weather is starting to get warm, but if you're still staying inside, we've got over 30 light novel volumes for members to check out!

    The popular two-volume series Sexiled's first volume is out in print this month, and you can check it out now! When Tanya is kicked out of her adventurer party simply for being a woman, she goes on a rampage... and accidentally releases a legendary sorceress! They decide to join forces and show the world that women aren't to be underestimated!

    Sometimes it can suck being the odd man out.. sometimes not! In Infinite Stratos, Ichika is the only male IS pilot in the world... which makes school at the IS Academy quite awkward! On the opposite end of the spectrum, Veight is a werewolf in the demon lord's army... but he's also the only one who remembers his past life in modern Japan. Der Werwolf follows his attempts to revolutionize this medieval world... no matter how many towns he has to conquer first!

    You probably don't like games with microtransactions, right? It can feel insulting for all your hard work to be rendered moot by some rich guy who can afford to pay for the same results. That's exactly what happens in Paying to Win in a VRMMO: Ichiro, the son of a wealthy family, agrees to a request that takes place in a VRMMO, but he decides to deck out his character with every boost money can buy in the process!

    Finally, in an effort to popularize the term "bibliophagic," we've got the odd-pair story of a naive princess with grand dreams and an awkward soldier who just wants to read. Altina the Sword Princess follows their journey to take the throne against all odds as a powerful warrior and her shrewd tactician!

    We hope you enjoy these titles! Stay healthy, and stay safe!

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    I already bought some of those, but still great reads for newcomers. Thanks guys!

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    Just a reminder that catchups will be ending in less than 3 days! Also a warning that we're currently planning to change them at or around 0000 Pacific time (0800 UTC) on Wednesday the 1st!

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    @myskaros Tanks, butt I read all that looked interesting already (paying to win, Sexiled, AltTina) so I await the July catch-ups