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  • hi! I've found that I prefer to buy the volumes instead of reading the prepubs. The cancel membership isn't a link for me, where should I head to cancel?

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    Hi there! The link actually still works, it's just not refreshing the page automatically. If you refresh, or leave the page and go back into Membership Status, it should correctly say "Cancelled, ending: <date>"

  • Nope cancel membship reload, log out log in refresh and cancel between each try....still says active... so far all the membership has got me is 5 less dollars, hours of being frustrated, unable to get a valid support email addess, unable to read anything that isnt already avalible for even non registerd members, unable to cancel, unable to refund for false advertisement... but hay i can read member forums for 5 bucks a month

  • Finaly got it to cancel, i want my credit card info deleted, how do i do that. For a company with so mush false or incorect info i want the credit card info out of your handz

  • Staff

    @UltricDeus Hi there! So it seems like you're having a few issues.

    • The support e-mail address is and does work correctly. I would check if you added extra characters by accident.
    • I just checked your account and it shows as canceled, lasting through July 10. We're sorry it isn't showing correctly, I have asked someone to look at it right now. You may need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R) if your browser is caching it incorrectly.
    • As for reading parts, you have access to all volumes currently being translated, ones that recently finished translation, and all volumes in series on catchup. If you refer to our FAQ:

    Volume X is no longer available? What gives?
    Once a volume has been published as an e-book, it is removed from pre-pub reading within a month of the e-book release.

    Please support the author by purchasing the official e-book! Or you can sign up for a Premium membership and use your premium credit to download the premium ebook straight from our site!

    There are also "Catchup" series where members can read all books in that series for a month. These catchups change every month, so you can check out a lot of series and find new ones to follow!

    Please refer to our front page or this forum post for which series are currently on catchup. For example, if you go to Altina the Sword Princess, which is on catchup this month, it should look like this:


    For non-members, it looks like this:


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