Re-readin series!

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    Because of covid, i stayed home and read books. After sometime i read them again and again. I do that normally but not in this short time.

    In JNC, i like to re-read Bookworm, Realist Hero and Lazy Dungeon Master.

    When i re-reading AoaB, i am skipping first couple volumes as quickly as possiable. I dont know but making books and stuff, the information parts is boring for re-reading. At least for me. However later the story seems much fun to read, skipping would be sin :)

    However for Reaslist Hero i feel the opposite. The first volumes, the technical parts are the most importants parts. Later story become skippable.

    I was wondering do you guys re-reading? If you do, do you skip some parts or reading everything without skip? Which series you skip? Which series are so good with everyway, skipping become unthinkable?

    PS: I am re-reading Realist Hero and middle of the second chapter i stop and came here to write that comment :)

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    Funnily enough I just started re-reading realist hero, interesting to note it really does read differently with the knowledge of whats going to come particularly around the motivations of some of the characters.

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    @catstorm I am still skiping the parts about intro. the musasibo, intro. the monsters and stuff but generally first book and later books goes really well. You cant skip so easily.

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    How often I reread stuff and what I reread is very dependent on my mood and how much I liked a book or series. In general though, I reread the stuff that I really like at least once in a while. Sometimes, I'll reread parts, and sometimes, I'll reread the whole thing. There are some books and series that I've reread some or all of quite a few times, and there are others, I've only read once. Out of the series from JNC, I've reread Seirei Gensouki by far the most, but it's my favorite series that JNC has licensed.

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    I'll re-read a series now and then, sometimes when a new volume is released and sometimes because I don't have anything new that I'd rather read.

    I just re-read Realist Hero after volume 11 came out, and Smartphone to go with 19. For Realist I skipped 1-2 because I'd already re-read them last year. For Smartphone I ended up skimming and skipping parts of the later volumes -- the car race was only worth reading once for me.

    Some other LNs I've re-read (and think are worth it):

    • Faraway Paladin
    • Little Apocalypse (the first few, it really dragged for me by the end of the series)
    • Mixed Bathing
    • My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World (it's my kind of silly humor, YMMV)


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    • Death March
    • Killing Slimes

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    I re-read Bakarina 1+2 to talk about them. That's generally the main reason I re-read cause I like to spend my time on this Earth consuming as much new stuff as possible (I had a "no replaying games" rule for a number of years). I kinda want to reread Detestable Demon-Lord v1 to cover that series too.

    Although, for other stuff, sometimes I get caught up in reading the same chapters 4 or 5 times in a row cause I was tired and couldn't get into them.

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    For me, reading is pretty slow and laborious. So, I almost never re-read anything. The last thing I can think of that I reread was the Fairy Tail manga, but there were years between when I read it the first and second time.

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    Lately I've been working my way through Lazy Dungeon Master again, having completed a third pass through Realist Hero, and a few other series that have had second readings, like AmaBri. I've re-read select portions of Smartphone, too.

    I've rarely had books where one reading is sufficient to stop me from enjoying it again. I found one like that in storage the other day - "The Thing in B3" was so forgettable that I didn't remember hanging on to it.

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    @SomeOldGuy - I went through my western SF & fantasy paperback collection earlier this year and decided what to keep, re-read and then donate, donate or (if beat-up and musty) to toss.

    I came across a number of them where I thought: nope, I'm probably never going to re-read that, and if I really want to some day I can always get the Kindle edition.

    That freed up a lot of space.

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