Joined but cant read abything but member forum

  • I joined because i assumed as a stand 5dollar a month member i could read the books online but as far as i can tell all i gained was acess to the members forum... am i confused or missing where to go to read online

  • Oh and the support email! comes back as an invalid email also if i try to click the cancel membership nothing loads....... does being a member get you anything other then forum acess, unable to contact support directly and inability to cancel membership

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    Visit this page real quick. Does the blue button say “Read Now!” or does it say “Join” (it should be right under the cover image)? If you’re not a member, it should say Join, so if it says Read Now!, your membership is active and working.

    If it is active, you can visit the individual title pages or the releases page to select the pre-published story sections to read. It doesn’t give you access to all the books previously released (which confused me when I first joined, I admit) but you can stay current with any you’re following already.

    As for the email, it works for me. Are you accidentally including that exclamation point you typed in the address?

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