Subscription Question- what currency?

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    Discovered one of your LNs by chance on the Kobo store a few days ago; since then, I've bought at least five this week alone. You guys do a good job translating :)

    As such, I'm toying with the idea of a premium subscription; HOWEVER... I'm also a relentless budgeter, I also want to know this; would the 10.25 subscription be in USD? Or that of wherever we're from, CAD in my case?

    It'll determine whether I decide it more cost-effective for me to buy from my e-marketplace, or do the subscription dealio. I hope to be supporting ya'll either way though :)

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    It's in USD. Looking at my credit card statement, it looks like the premium subscription costs $14.76.

    I did notice that the cost of a premium credit here is less than what the book would cost on the kindle store, if that helps out at all.

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    @whoisfriend Yes, buying credits for books here is slightly discount for premium members. I believe it was a 1 USD discount.

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