The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan on Google Play Book

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    TLDR: I want to ask J-novel here that if they have listed vol 5 and 6 under the same series as the rest of the volumes for The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan on google play store


    Ever since vol 5, I can not find Vol 5 and 6 as the same series as Vol 1 to 4.

    So normally, on google play book, under "series" menu, you have something like thisalt text, where it list all volume, including ones that can be purchased, or pre-ordered

    But for The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan, I could not find vol 5, and now 6, under this menu alt text. Just to be clear, I can still buy the book if I find it on google play store, and view it. But it act as if it's a different book entirely from the series.

    I tried contacting with google support, and we did a bunch of troubleshooting, but nothing work so far. After 3 chat session, we come to the conclusion that there is nothing to be done on their part that can solve this.

    I asked them if vol 5 and 6 are listed under the same series as the other volumes, but they said they could not access such information.

    So I want to ask J-novel here that if they have listed vol 5 and 6 under the same series as the rest of the volume? And is anyone having the same problem?

    Edit: Apology, but I couldn't figure out how to make the link containing the image from mega to works. The link to the image still works however, so you can click on it and it'll direct you to the image.

    Edit2: I just realize this, but it seem that using another account for google play book does not helps this either, so it seem like it's actually count as a separate series. You can test this yourself by making a new google account, search for magicmaster, then download vol 1 and view it as a sample, then go to the "series" menu, and you can only see vol 1 to 4. In normal condition, it should show all volumes, owned, available for purchase, or pre-order.

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    @Skipper We started using an automated system for preorders, which might have resulted in this issue. I have gone in and manually updated the first 4 volumes to match the title and series from volumes 5 and 6 (it's a silly issue, a matter of straight vs. curly apostrophes), so they should all be linked together once Google Play processes the changes (hopefully shouldn't take more than a few days). Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Hello. The series is now linked correctly in Google Play Books. The issue is resolved, so you can close this thread whenever.
    Thanks for your help.

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