Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 3 discussion

  • So, I’m kinda late as the volume came out a while back. I got it on release but just put it to the side until recently.
    As for how the story seems to be progressing Tomozaki seems to gotten a lot better trying to be a normie also liking the fact that he kinda started making a path for himself. I love it when characters develop and it shows later on in the story and this novel has 100% of that and it seems to be getting better as the volumes come out.

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    It seemed to have character development and a protagonist with increasing agency. I'm enjoying the series, they are mixing it up enough so that it continues to feel fresh and the developments make sense within the parameters of the established world.

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    It's one of my favorite series coming out right now for sure. The evolution of all the main characters make it unpredictable and keep me excited for the next volume whenever I finish the current one

  • @the-green-death That’s how I’m feeling about this LN.

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