How Often are Yearly Memberships Billed?

  • I'm considering starting a yearly membership subscription when my birthday rolls around, and was wondering about the billing process for the yearly memberships (both normal and premium). Is it a single large payment ($54 or $120) once a year, or is it split up monthly?

    My apologies if this question has been asked and answered already, I couldn't find it elsewhere in the FAQ or the forum.

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    Hi, thanks for considering signing up! The yearly membership is a single payment up front.

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    Obviously, a YEARLY membership gets billed once a year, which can be a prohibitive cost for some (MX $1080 or MX $2400using an exchange rate of MX $20 per US $1), but it's well worth, so yeah, yearly payments get renewed every 365 days instead of every 30. The "Monthly" value the Yearly options have is just to show the difference between methods (US $6)

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    @alfonso_rd_36 You’d think it was obvious, but then you have companies like Adobe who give the option of paying monthly at a discounted rate for yearly subscribers. Not a bad option from my perspective, so definitely worth inquiring about.

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    @EmpactWB true, true, been thinking upping my 'ship from MX $100 to MX$ 200 to get the Free E-book, but seems a bit costly...

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