Books/Preorders missing from Amazon

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    @Sam-Pinansky kindle/kindle-app-compatible format directly downloadable from J-Novel will be a great help!

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    Also, I'd like to know if the current issue with Amazon is final (nail in Amazon's coffin) and there is no or practically no chance to resolve it, or if there is hope (based on actual facts) that things might get better, and eventually resolved into returning all light novels back to their places.

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    @Apairon You don't need to give them your account info. Just send them the epub and ask if he/she can convert it. But as said beware of shady online friends who would maybe take your bought ebook and upload it somewhere else.

  • @saskir inhave no idea how that would work. I do not have a pc to send the files to AND i would still need to give my kindle email to this person to send the converted book to my device. I am not willing to give any account info to anyone. Allso getting someone to do all this for me every time a new JNC book comes out would get annoying for the person i would ask. Thats why i made a suggestion that JNC just offer the deferant formats like mobi for direct download and even better let us link are device email to are JNC account to directly send the needed format to are devices. This would be a huge quality of life improvment and would negate the need for a 3rd party programe that heaven forbide one day might not be available. For my personal situation i will still buy all my JNC book through amaxon when available and just wait untill enough effected books are out before getting a premium memebership and then buying them all at once and downloading that way. If they made it possible to just send the needed format direct to are devices i would scrap up some cash for a year subscription and just buy all my books direct from JNC and give amazon nothing.

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    Locking this topic since it's gotten so long, please see the new topic with updates on the Amazon situation!

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