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    I was just wondering if there is anyway to find out which light novels are going to be continued to the next series after the final part of a previous series. Like right now Smartphone and Campfire Cooking have both recently finished their respective novels, but do we know if they will be continued to be translated since its not on the schedule.

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    Everything will continue as long as they keep coming out in Japan. Nothing is being cancelled. But new volumes that recently released in Japan require sending new contracts to license them, and other factors lead to volumes not immediately continuing after the last was translated. Volumes don't get added to the schedule until the first part launches, so something not being on the schedule doesn't mean anything. The series will continue eventually, but there is no time frame given until they come out on the site. So best to just be patient :)

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    @LegitPancake Also to add to it. If I recall correctly Sam licenses the series per Volume. So for every new book he needs to make a new contract (which is surely a hassle but from the viewpoint of a licensing company the better solution as you got stop a series if it doesn't get enough revenue).

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    @LegitPancake Thank you so much for the information!

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