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    Hello. I am a new member to the J-Novel Club. :)

    I honestly don't know if this is a bug as I'm not too familiar with how things work around here yet. However, I created a free account here and activated it. Downloaded the app on my Samsung Tablet. I logged into my account there and it says "Thank you for logging in... but you aren't an active member yet."

    Is this a bug I'm experiencing or do I need to become a paying subscriber to get rid of that?

    Thank you!

  • That's just how terminology here works. You are a registered user, members are the ones who get to get access to prepubs for ~$5/mo and premium members are the ones paying ~$11/mo, see FAQ or "How it works" page for details.

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    @KazekunOriginal Yeah, when it comes to functionality on the app, there's almost no difference between having an free account or not.

    The only difference is that it will keep track of your reading position if you're logged in. You'll still only have access to read the free preview parts (generally part 1 of every volume. sometimes parts 1-2).

  • Oh, okay. Thank you both for the helpful information. That all makes sense. :)

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