Shuujin to Kamihikouki - Shounen Paradox (Prisoner and Paperplane: Boy Paradox)

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    Note: much of this information is based off of what is available in English for this series, which isn't much; so some info may be slightly off. Also, sorry for errors or whatnot, this is my first time posting anything like this. I will try to fix any errors if there are any.
    Book One Cover
    "Prisoner and Paper Plane: Boy paradox" (囚人と紙飛行機 少年パラドックス)囚人と紙飛行機-少年パラドックス-1-ジーンコミックス-紅村岬/dp/4840150222

    Why should we license this?
    This novel is based off of a famous Vocaloid song named "Prisoner" and it's sequel, "Paper Plane" both produced by PrisonerP. The story is about a Prisoner (nick-named 'Number 420) falling in love with a girl who visits on the opposite side of the fence, sending him letters with paper planes.
    According to sources, the novel sold very well, and sold out within a week of being produced in 2012.

    There is also a manga version of the same story available, under the same name. The manga was translated and released in French by Komikku around 2016.

    Why shouldn't we license this?
    This is the author's only novel/written work.
    It may be harder to sell to people who don't know the original song series, or may be too hard to get into. It also seems to have more mature themes at parts that may turn away some.

    Synopsis / Plot
    Since not much information is avalibe on the novels themselves in English, here is the description for the original song the novels are based off of.

    How many volumes?
    5 are currently available, it is currently unknown (from what I can find) if the series is continuing or finished.

    Label / Publisher
    PHP books

    Author's other works:
    This is PrisonerP's only novel work.

    Illustrator's works:
    There are multiple Illustrators;
    Suzumi - No other novel Illustrations; has illustrated for music videos. Their Pixiv.
    Neko no Mimiko - Can not find any information on them.
    Madoromi - No other novel illustrations; has illustrated for music videos. Their Pixiv.
    Zain - Drew for the novel "iKILL2.0" and drew the official art for the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku V3 English. Their Pixiv.

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