JNC titles (and others) delisted from Kindle

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    I have to say that I am disappointed, but not particularly surprised that Amazon decided to not list a swath of light novels/ manga from its site. ANN has been following the story. However; I can't wrap my head around what 'global standards' amazon/kindle has, much less how these titles violate them. I've read most of the de-listed titles/volumes and there doesn't seem to me to be anything there that isn't typical for the genre.

    I don't know who is kicking up a fuss, or why, but I have to say the "Kindle Content Review Team" doesn't seem to have any standards or consistency. A quick search of kindle content reveals tons of racy stuff, much available via kindle unlimited (for free), and amazon's streaming service is unapologetic in hosting (or even creating) rated "R" content.

    so what is it? What is the 'bogey' that shall not be sold in the kindle store? Specific volumes were targeted- not entire series and I don't see what the common thread is, I mean all of this stuff is tame. Teens holding hands? Oh no!

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    Just to keep everything in one location, I will be moving your post to the news topic

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