Is there any chance to license novel with female MC?

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    Whilst when i bought first ebook from j-novel i didn't suspect that i would buy more than realists kingdom, but since that i bought few e-books and waits for mixed bath second volume to be released. But what i saw whilst there is twelve titles released there is lacking any with female MC. I do not know if among those publishers which j-novel has some cooperation there is any book with female mc since the target audience is mainly for males, but i believe there are books with female MC which are targeted towards males and among them there are many slice of life, so whilst i can not say which book you should license i can say one thing please consider license some with female lead, since reading books only from male POV can sometimes be boring.

    ps. Good luck with entire idea of j-novel whilst i do not have that kind of money to become a member, i would support you by buying ebooks when they released (only those which are interested me so far).

    ps2. Good example for female MC in book is kuma kuma kuma

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    I'm certainly hoping for more diversity in the titles going forwards.

    A user put in a poll at for what female-centric novel people would like to see, but I'm not knowledgeable enough about what untranslated stories there are out there to contribute.

    In the J-Novel Club AMA the question WolfeReader asked the following question on this topic:

    I've only been reading LNs for a few months, but it seems like many of them target a male audience - male main characters, harems, etc. Many LN series are targeted toward women or girls as this post shows, but these don't seem to be translated officially. Do you have any plans to publish female-oriented light novels?

    And Sam (founder of J-Novel Club) answered:

    Eventually, yes! Very much so.
    I'd like to start a female-oriented line of books... Maybe next year. Maybe working together with other up-start publishers like Cross Infinite World.
    But I decided to focus on the male oriented market first, sorry ladies! I do try and choose books that can appeal to both sexes. Even Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension has some pretty sexy lizardmen in it.

    As you say, even for male-oriented novels there might be a story with a female MC/POV, but I'm not familiar so can't say.

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    Oh, and in the AMA Sam also revealed that: "We bid on Magical Girl Raising Project but were too late."

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    @Shiny Wow, nice info. Good to see some competition for titles.

    Are there any other Majou Shoujo titles like that out stateside? Asking for someone else who finished Madoka and was sad to have to wait for this.

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    Thanks for answer shiny and getting quotes from AMA, since it would be helpful others I believe. Myself i was reading through AMA so i was remember that they would like to publish also novels for female readers.

    But my question was rather about for novels with female MC with target audience set either for both genders or male, so mainly those with little or no romance (sorry but truthfully reading few shoujo mangas made me bored with entire romance since in most they are similar archetype of male hero), so mainly slice of life/light hearted comedies with female as the MC (although truthfully i believe in many case where we have female mc targeted towards male audience it's a gender bender novel).

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    @dullman said in Is there any chance to license novel with female MC?:

    although truthfully i believe in many case where we have female mc targeted towards male audience it's a gender bender novel

    I have plenty of series aimed at predominantly male audiences with genuinely female main characters, and there are even plenty of such series that have had anime as well (far more than there are gender bender ones anyway) - KamiNai, MahoIku, Yokuwakaru Gendaimahou, Slayers, Kino no Tabi, JinTai and Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku are all examples of light novel series with indisputably female protagonists that have received anime adaptations. Yes I am aware that a couple of these have already been licensed. But there are plenty of other such series out there without anime adaptations, and undoubtedly ones with anime adaptation that didn't come to mind whilst writing this post as well.

    There are also light novels aimed at girls/women which don't focus on romance, although it can certainly feel like there aren't at times...

  • "Kemono no Souja Erin" stars Erin and it's from the creator of "Moribito". Both starred strong female leads.

    A Reddit thread called "[Spoiler][DISC] Kemono no Souja Volume 3-4 - A detailed summary of the events following the anime adaptation" (from Sep. or Oct.) goes into roughly 55 pages of summary. The thread creator has a link to a prior thread that highlights the differences between anime events (covers 1st 2 volumes) and the LN.

    On the long summary, there are many character quotes (possibly over 50). However, in it being a long summary, I would be surprised how it could not be deemed fair use.

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