Fortune Quest

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    Japanese title: フォーチュン・クエスト

    Publisher: Kadokawa (Sneaker Bunko)
    Volume: 8 (Completed) + Sequel Shin Fortune Quest (20 vol.) + Gaiden (3 vol.) + Shin Fortune Gaiden II (9 vol.)
    Author: Fukazawa, Mishio
    Illustrators: Mukai Natsumi
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic
    Our story is set in another world, parallel to ours. We meet Pastel, an orphan girl, 18 years old, who lives with a group of adventurers in a small house.

    She is highly respected by her friends as her intelligence and honesty are extraordinary. Living in the house with Pastel, we meet Clay,Trapp, Kitton, Knoll, Whitey, a baby dragon; and Rumy, an infant sorcerer. Together this odd group become involved in many mysterious adventures from treasure hunting, to searching for a missing person, to challenging a riddle, to many more unexpected quests.

    Fantranslation: None
    Why: Fortune Quest is from Kadokawa´s lineup of DnD inspired Fantasy Light Novel started in the 90´s like Slayers, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and Record of Lodoss War. I want it to be picked up because I want to read more in the West lesser known titles from that era and JNC is reliable with their output with it´s classic titles.

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