How do I change it so my real name is not shown?

  • So, I am trying to get my username be "Kadmos1" but it is revealing a personal name. How do I change it so my personal name is not shown?

  • @Michael-Jensen
    Go to "Profile" by clicking on your Avatar Icon in the top right of the screen.
    Click "Settings"
    Find the section called "Privacy"
    Uncheck the box that says "show full name"

  • Romzdan, the suggested tips were like that even before I posted this thread.

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    @Michael-Jensen If you chose a username which is your real name, you have to modify it on the main site.

    Login, go to account, then "edit profile" and you can change your username there (it'll change the forum one automatically).

    Changing username, password, and email are all done on the main site. Editing them on the forum directly is disabled so the accounts stay properly linked.

  • @Michael-Jensen My apologies, but you didn't specify what methods you had already attempted so my answer may have come across as rather obvious.

    Hopefully Sam's method above works out for you.

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