I’m Only a Stepmother but My Daughter Is Just So Cute! get’s an english release!!!

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    For the first time a korean romance novel for girls gets an english release: I’m Only a Stepmother but My Daughter Is Just So Cute! by Meteor Strike Media.
    I’m really happy about it, this novel is one of my very favorites and the estimated release date is at the end of january next year. Unfortunately I noticed the news a bit late, so I can’t get any extras of the kickstarter campaign anymore, since it has already ended, but the softcover version will be sold on amazon next to other sellers, so even readers who live in Europe can get a copy (well, I asked the founder and he told me, that it will be also possible to order this series on the german amazon, I don’t know of other countries, but I think it will be possible too).
    Apparently the campaign for the very first volume was this unbelievable successfull, that for every following volume a new campaign isn’t needed anymore (I think the original goal was $10.000 and now they have reached $30.800).
    I’m totally looking forward to the first volume and can’t already wait for it anymore!!!
    Here is the link to the website for anyone interested.^^

    About this Story:
    My name is Baekhap Lee. I was just an ordinary designer of children's clothing, until one day I woke up as the main villainess of the fairy tale I was reading. It seems like I’ve died from overwork and reincarnated as Abigail, the stepmother of Snow White. But who cares about that? Right now, I’m sitting next to my lovely daughter, Blanche Friedrikin. As always, she’s looking at me with her scared puppy eyes. It can’t be helped since Abigail was known to have a ferocious appearance. Her smile alone would make anyone cry, not forgetting to mention that Abigail tried to poison her stepdaughter out of jealousy.

    ‘Even so, I want to hug her! I want to dress her up! Ahhh! She’s so cute! It should be a crime for my daughter to be this cute!’

    Even though I want to shower her with affection, my husband continues to look at me with suspicion. How can I overcome his interference and get closer to Blanche?

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    This looks like a fun series, but I'm having a lot internal conflict because of the BS with light novels on Amazon I don't want to buy from there...Ugh!😖

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    @Lily-Garden Well, I’m also not very amused by it, but what can you do?! If you want to have the novel, you have to buy it on amazon in most cases (though the founder said, that this series will be available in other stores too). And because of the pandemic no local bookstore can order books from the United States currently...
    Let’s just say that we will see.
    Germany isn’t the same as the United States or Australia, so it probably won’t get banned here at least.

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    I don't know this series, but it's great seeing a successful kickstarter for something like this.

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    @nofairytale Yes, I’m totally exited for it, though I still don’t know which version I will buy, the ebook version, or the softcover version. I need to look which version I can get when it’s time for the release.^^

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