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    I'm having trouble using the app. At the moment, I'm not able to read any books on it. Not even the ones I have purchased from the site. Can someone please give me a quick intro to get me started? Thanks much.

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    After you purchase an e-book you can download that file by going to your account on the main site, and then going to your library.

    After you download it you can put it in any e-reader of your choice.

    The instruction would be different based on if you are downloading on a mobile device or a computer.

    If you are on a mobile device after you download the file you can import it into the e-reader directly.

    If on your computer you may have an extra step.

    If you want to give Information on what device you are using I may be able to provide more assistance, if you want to send me a direct message on these forums or Discord please feel free to.

    (I replied to you in the Discord server so you should be able to find me)

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