(Licence suggestion) Saikyou degarashi ouji no an’yaku teii arasoi LN

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    This is my first time suggesting something, I thought there was a thread that had a list of LN that were suggested to translate, with a link to the post to vote for it, but maybe I'm remembering wrong

    Anyways, I've been reading "Saikyou degarashi ouji no an’yaku teii arasoi" WN, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it, then when I saw it had a LN, I thought it would be a good LN to translate, I don't know if someone else knows it. I can't post a picture so the text will have to do

    This is the synopsis:

    The Adrasia empire on the Vogel continent. There is a battle over the throne of such an empire that possesses powerful military and vast territory.
    With the successor undecided, the children of the emperor are vying to expand their power. However, there was one prince that everyone says will definitely not become the emperor.
    The seventh prince, Arnold Lakes Adler. The young man who was inferior to his younger twin brother in every way, the dull prince.
    Incompetent and lethargic, Arnold wastes everyday just playing around. However, behind the scenes, he is one of the only five SS-Class adventurers called ‘Silver’.
    Seeing the intensifying battle for the throne he decided “I don’t want to die so let’s have my little brother become the emperor…”
    This is the tale of absurd secret manoeuvres of the prince who is uninterested in the title of the emperor.
    Publisher: - Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain)

    Volume: 4 Volume (Ongoing)

    Author: Tamba

    Illustrators: Yuunagi

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