I would to suggest Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodate Shinagara Bouken-sha Shimasu

  • I have checked the list of titles under the Licensing Suggestions and it seems this particular light novel has not been suggested yet. It is a light hearted story about Takumi Kayano, who was accidentally killed by a god from another world and then as compensation, was given a new body so he could live to the other world that certain god is currently taking care of. Then upon arrival, he encountered the two 5 year old twins in the forest , which he named Allen and Elena and started to take care of them while living a carefree life as an adventurer.

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    @Jealyn That’s weird. This one already has a suggestion thread but isn’t in the list for some reason. Good catch.

  • @EmpactWB Oh.. really? thanks for informing then. :) I will check the existing suggestion thread for this one.

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