So I'm a spider, So what? vol. 9 discussion.

  • So this volume was actually a fun read like most of the previous volumes. The best part about this volume is we sorta get a lot of questions answered. Of course the answers are quite hilarious as well. Also White finally gets her powers back in the most unusual anticlimactic way possible lol. I can’t wait for volume 10 and I can’t wait for the anime. Even if it sucks I’ll try to stick to watching it cuz I love this series a lot. Also happy we finally get a conclusion with the rampaging Oni. As for Vampy she is become such a Yandere, I wonder if it’s affection showing towards White because she acts like a crazy girlfriend that needs to know when and where White disappears too.

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    I'm glad the Oni didn't have to be killed, but I am sad for the Greatest Swordsman :,(
    Also the revelations at the end were crazy. Can't wait for next volume.

  • @LegitPancake yeah I felt bad about the swordsman too but at the same time happy as he basically felt he passed down the mantle to another being. Since the oni was saved and they woke him up he might become a new member for Team White.

  • Did you guys forget that the oni Wrath was introduced in volume 5 which is roughly 10 years in the future compared to volume 9. I'm not too sad about the swordsman as he died a happy death for him. This was a great volume and I definately need more. Its a shame that volume 11 is pretty much sidestories, but if its about Ronandt then I completely forgive the author.

  • @Sashas Going by the web novel, there should be a side story about half a volume long about how the world’s situation got to where it is now (plus some characters’ backstory), so it might be that.

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    @Sashas I’ll need to reread volume 5 then, I don’t remember him. Was he in the battle against the elves?

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    @LegitPancake Wrath fought with Sophia against Shun and the elf, at the same time it's also reveal that back on earth he was friend with Shun and Katia and was named Kyouya.

  • @Raitoiro I wanna know about Hugo the one the teacher tried to erase his power. Well I don’t think erase is the best word for what she tried to do.

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    @Hyferzftw What do you want to know about him? I'm pretty we've learned about everything relevant there's to know about Hugo, probably all that is left is to see how he was manipulated by White.

  • @Raitoiro well we never had a story about how the way he acts leads him to the way he is other than I think he was problematic before he was reincarnated. I would like to get at least a side story of his reincarnated life.

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    @Hyferzftw I think we should get a more in depth answer in ~3 or 4 volumes when the spider side's time caught up to the side story's.
    But we already know that he was arrogant on earth, that as a prince with no contact with other reincarnators he grew even more arrogant, he was manipulated by white, and had a 7 deadly sins skill and multiple pre-7DS skills which corrupts the mind.

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    I just my copy in the mail and I loved every bit of it. The puppet sisters continue to be my favorite side characters, every moment with them is pure gold. They're basically the children of Ariel and White (though relationship with White is more like their her little sisters) so it's no wonder that it is so much fun to read the parts where they so up. I wonder if White repaired Sael's arm yet now that she has her powers back. Also, this volume convinced me that D is basically White's divine stalker girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriends, it is totally my headcanon that at some point after a bout of drinking, White gets super drunk and starts making out with Ariel, which leads to an intense night of love-making, that White of course, has no memory of in the morning. The aftermath alone would make it worth reading, something like:

    White (wakes up)-Whoa, what happened last night. Huh!? Why am I naked?! And what the Demon Lord doing in my bed!? And why is she naked too!? It couldn't mean...we didn't...
    nope, nope, nope, not gonna think about it.
    Ariel wakes up, yawns and stretches
    Ariel: "Good morning, White. Last night was amazing."
    White-Wha!? Ugh! This is so awkward. I kinda want to know what happened, but I don't want to admit I don't remember anything.
    Ariel gets dressed and walks over and opens the door. As she is about to leave the room she turns her head to face White.
    Ariel: "By the way, for someone who doesn't talk much, you are incredibly skilled at using your tongue." Shes closes the door behind her.
    White-Wha?! Wha!?!? WHAAAA?!?!?!!?

    Mera: "Lady Ariel, Lady White. If you are going to engage in such activities at night, I humbly ask that you do so quietly. I believe it is not good for the young miss's upbringing to kept up by such sounds."
    Ariel, nonchalantly: "I'll try but White was incredibly passionate, I couldn't help it, though the sounds she made were so cute I couldn't resist."
    White-Is she a Demon Lord, or a ladykiller?! How can she say such embarrassing things with a straight face! Ugh! I'm so pale that I can't hide the fact that I'm blushing! This is totally mortifying!

    And of course I think D would be completely amused by this scenario.

    Here's the list of things that still need to happen (in the White storyline) to get us up to speed with the Shun storyline:

    • find out Ms Oka is an elf kid
    • find out the elves are collecting reincarnations
    • recruit Shun's half sister Sue to their cause
    • recruit the head mage of the Empire Ronadlt to their cause
    • recruit the reincarnation Shinobu Kusama to their cause
    • collect Hugo as a pawn, allowing them to manipulate the imperial army

    Please tell me if I've missed anything.

    Things I hope to see in future volumes:

    • Ariel/White's punishment for Sophia for disobeying them and acquiring the Envy skill.
    • more Potimas getting his ass whupped (robo or otherwise)
    • more of the puppets sisters, obviously. I hope White continues her experiments in trying to give them voices. which would be great just for the banter if nothing else (I can already imagine Ael giving a bunch of snide remarks)

    If White does end up giving the puppet sisters voices, how do you they should refer to White: Lady White, Miss White, White-sempai, or Big sis White? Personally I would prefer Big sis White, as the puppets sisters are basically White's little sisters and because then we could get lovely exchanges like this:
    Fiel: Big sis White, can we kill these guys?
    White: No.
    Fiel: AWW...

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    @Lily-Garden Concerning D I think it's more likely that she is just using the reincarnation for fun or to create powerful kin. Kind of like the Asian custom which regularly happened in LN (I forgot the name), where you put a bunch of poisonous and venomous animals in a bottle, and the last one surviving is supposed to be ultra-dangerous. D could be trying to do the same by putting a bunch of powerful individuals in a small dangerous world to see if one of them will emerge as a new powerful entity.

    Also, the LN is unfortunately tame on that part but the WN showed that White does commit sexual harassment of sort when drunk, it's just that it's more on the cannibal side: licking then eating part of Sophia because baby meat is tender.

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    @Raitoiro yeah I agree that D thinks of White as her favorite toy. I think that White though views D as her divine stalker girlfriend, this volume convinced me of that.

    Thanks for sharing that tidbit about the WN, I find it interesting how certain things are changed in the process of becoming LNs. Though I don't support cruelty to babies, even if they are both adorable and delicious.

  • @Lily-Garden yeah I think of D as that. Also isn’t White way passed the point of just being the most dangerous. She is a God. I wonder how her reincarnated classmates will react to her when they find out. She also isn’t nearly as op as she was before she got her godhood. Well that’s explained as she has to relearn all her skills again and has to use them manually, but she is getting better and better. Worse comes to worst she can use the most op move she already mastered which is to teleport wherever she’s been before instantly.

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    @Hyferzftw And we still have a few years before we catch up to the Shun timeline. by then White's abilities be at least the level they when she was an Arachne.

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    @Lily-Garden said in So I'm a spider, So what? vol. 9 discussion.:

    find out Ms Oka is an elf kid
    find out the elves are collecting reincarnations

    Wasn't there a little bit about that in old / main story time in 8(?) when it switched to Potimas Harrifenas's view? Talking about her and her useful skill, separately from when he talked about it in side story / future time?

    Or do you mean White finding out?

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    @HarmlessDave Yes I should have been more clear, I meant these are the things White & Ariel need to get us to the Shun storyline

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    more Potimas getting his ass whupped (robo or otherwise)

    I wonder whether his "magic suppression field" works on those outside the System like White is now. If not, he's in for a nasty shock :)

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    @HarmlessDave as far as I understood it the field only cancels out the system, so since White now operates outside the system, he's in for a world of hurt :)

    though being Potimas he might have a back-up plan already...

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